Storm Doors and Porch Enclosures Replacement, Newmarket, Aurora

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Storm Doors are commonly referred to as "Screen Doors." This door is installed in front of your entry door and can be coordinated to match your entry door.

Storm Doors are engineered to withstand strong weather elements. Because of this, you can keep your entry door ajar and simply have your storm door closed (when you are home!) and enjoy the outdoor view as if it were a window.

Our Door Experts can provide high quality, beautiful Storm Doors / Screen doors at the absolute lowest prices in Newmarket, Aurora.  If you are in the market for new Storm Doors or have considered the possibility of changing/upgrading your exterior or interior doors, please call us for more information and introductory specials!


Porch Enclosures

Many homes have been built with a roof or second floor sheltering the main entrance. These porch areas typically have one or more openings with either a square or curved top.

Entrance enclosures are custom fabricated glass panels and doors made from 1 3/4" aluminum rail specifically designed to fit into these existing openings. If your home does not have an alcove, you can still have an enclosure! Many of our independent dealers are able to provide flat and curved glass roofs. We provide our dealers with the components to make angled sidewalls and arched or curved top window panels!

Advantages of Porch Enclosures:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Keep the snow and rain away from your entrance
  • Added security
  • A winter buffer zone keeping heat in and drafts and snow out
  • Extra space for boots, coats, plants or people!
  • Summer ventilation
  • No worries about steel door warranties
  • Added home value
  • A touch of class
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